City Escape is the first Hero Stage. It is an action stage where Sonic is trying to run away from the authorities, who have mistaken him for Shadow.

Big Strategies

Board Section Tricks

By doing tricks on the ramps, you can save tons of time on the beginning of the stage. To increase your speed off the ramp, you can do one of the following:

  • Turn as you approach the edge of the ramp (the sideways speed gets converted to forward speed).
  • Jump as you are about to touch the ramp to get much more speed before doing the trick jump.

City Escape Skip (CE Skip)

This is one of the biggest skips in the entire game, and it is at the very beginning of the Hero Story run. The premise is to hit the first ramp after the first checkpoint with more speed than intended. By doing this, it is possible to hit a speedpad while also clipping out of bounds, launching you out of bounds to the lower rail section before the truck, saving almost 30 seconds!