The Emblem Skip Glitch is a glitch which prevents the emblem cutscene from playing. This can be used to save lots of time RTA, though it does not affect leaderboard placement for IGT categories.

How to activate


To activate the glitch, you must use the Chao Key Glitch to complete Last Story from either Hero Story or Dark Story. This will prevent the file from being able to complete all stories, but the glitch will be activated.

It is recommended to close the game upon reaching the final cutscene. Then, make a backup of the glitched save file. To activate the glitch using this file, go to Story Select and select the story used to reach the end (Dark if using the most popular Any% route).


By soft-resetting the game during the Hero credits, the glitch is activated.

GC (old)

The glitch can be activated by soft-resetting the game during the Route 101 results screen. This used to be the only known method of activating the glitch, but as of June 2018, this method is outdated