Hello everyone! I'm Walkinator007, AKA Jazz, the founder of this wiki. I know a fair amount about this game, but I'm certainly not the most knowledgeable person about it. What I'm saying is I need your help. If you know a lot about a certain aspect of this game that is speedrun related, we want that information here. In the end I hope we can get information about several different routes through every stage, example pictures and videos showing how to do certain tricks and what full level runs should look like. I want this place to appeal to runners of all skill levels, encompassing strategies for beginners and experts alike. I really want this place to become a main resource for all new runners. If you think you can help, start contributing.

Thanks in advance for all of the help,

- Jazz

For a good example of a well made boss page, check out King Boom Boo, or Egg Golem (Hero Story)

For a good example of a Well made hunting stage page, check out Meteor Herd